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As destructive as life, As healing as death; An institutioner of strife, Just as prone to bless. It is all that is good, Yet with an evil trend; As it was the beginning of things, It can also be the end. What is it?

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What biblical name is there which expresses a father calling his son by name, and his son replying?

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Why is a dandy like a haunch of venison?

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An archaeologist finds a coin dated 48 B.C. How did he know it was a fake?

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What vessel is that which is always asking leave to move?

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My first is a very uncomfortable state, In cold weather it mostly abounds. My second's an instrument formed of hard steel, That will cause the stout foe to stagger and reel, And when used, is a symptom of hate. My whole is an author of greatest renown, Whose fame to the last day of time will go down. Who am I?

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What two reasons why whispering in company is not proper?

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Why is a lumberjack like a stage actor?

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Why does a miller wear a white hat?

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Why is a nail, fast in the wall, like an old man?

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How is it that a person born in Massachusetts, whose parents were both born in Massachusetts, is not born a U.S. Citizen?

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Why is a man in debt like a misty morning?

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